First trimester: Is it normal to be very hungry?

Hi Mummies, I am in my sixth week and i always feel like i am hungrier than usual. I am either hungry all the time or need to snack to avoid feeling nausea. It doesn't look like being so hungry in the first trimester is normal. Is there any mummies feels the same way like i do during your first trimester?

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Hi Darling! I'm also in my first trimester currently 6 weeks and always hungry. I have no specific craving just hungry. I need to eat or drink something every two hrs. I confirmed with doc she said it's good mostly first tri a lot of mummies won't be able to eat . just eat in moderation and enjoy your pregnancy! god bless you and your little one.❤

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That was great to have more intake. I totally can’t eat and drink. What’s goes in next 5 min all come out. Now 13 weeks just manage to have some plain water intake. Food still the same. Last time use to hear my friend want diet yet keep gain weight. Now I was other way round and reduce 5kg.

Yes, I feel hungry every 1-2 hours during my first trimester. Even after a full meal, I’ll still want something to eat 1 hour later. I also had bad morning sickness which makes me hungry all the time. I’ll also wake up in the middle of the night cos I’m hungry 😖

Yes for me. I had to eat to curb the nausea. So I ate a lot!! I ate before I went to bed every night just to make sure I dont wake up in the middle of the night feeling hungry. Do what makes you comfortable! It will get better in the second trimester.

Yes. Somtimes it can go all the way till 3rd trimester.As for my case, it goes for my 3rd

Congrats! I’m also into my sixth week and I feel hungry every 2 hours too 😜

For me, no. My first trimester was full of nausea and morning sickness.

Yes! Certain days I’m hungry in an hr or two after meal. 🤣

Yes same, hungry all the time, I’m in my 13th week

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hi mommies same here! Hungry all the time n I'm iny 13weeks+


yes I also feel hungry all the time