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induce feel
How does induce feels like? Gynae said i might need to give birth earlier than edd scared bby too big. Any advise?
I didn’t feel anything. I was induced for my 1st baby
Given a choice, I rather choose not to be induced. Its too painful to describe i chose epidural immediately. But i had no choice as my pregnancy is so overdue. Nevertheless I believed doctors knows be
For 1st timer it hurt alot.. As my 1st pregnancy doctor also advise to induce. I induc 2 time or 3 time it hurt like hell.. In the end given birth by c section. Baby is small only 2.5kg not big as doc
Hey babe, contraction will come suddenly and it will worse by the nxt one. Dun think too much abt it. Good luck ;)
The contraction pain becomes severe and more frequently earlier than natural contraction. For first pregnancy, the contraction labour can last more than 10 hours.
I dont hv this problem. But right nw im at 34wks ive been having headache. Is it normal to be having it frequently?
Better to check with a gynea in your next visit. It could be due to hunger too.. better to find out
hosp bag
When should i pack my hosp bag? And wash all the newborn clothings? Im alrdy at 30wks
35 weeks?
Im in my 35 weeks and yet to pack my hosp bag. Hehe. But i just started washing my baby clothings yest.
My hub say now wash too early, he ask me wash one week before delivery 😂
Ic, marriage cert etc
I still havent pack any. I'm at my 31weeks
Is this cramp feeling(feels like diarhhea cramps) called braxton hicks? Been feeling since last night. It comes and go. Wanted to poo but i cant😂pain still bearable. Im at my 30wks now. Is this norma
I had the same thing too at 27 weeks. I guess it's normal?
Im sure its a braxton hicks. And if its a contractions, u will have to time it as it gets faster and faster
It's normal
Yes very normal. Real contraction starts at every 2-3mins interval or worst waterbag burst. Coz bby is growing and theres no space already. 😁
If pain is contraction. If comes and goes with a certain timin (like every 10 mins) then pls check with gynae just to make sure
is it safe?
Is it okay to get a prenatal massage when you are very close to your due date?
Better to seek professional advice from your gyane first, before going ahead to do so
Recommended! Go ahead! It's actually better to get a massage before you give birth!
Tried a few pre natal massage they are so soft and gentle that i dont feel anything after the session 🤣
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Should be alright, but i think check with gynae better
Yes it is ok , but get a professional for it!
give birth normal
What are some tips of giving birth normal?😣
Walk more :) Think it helps
Yea, even my neighbour advise me to walk more for smoother natural birth
What I heard is keep walking and walking. I'm in my first week of 9 months, and trust me... I've been so active from the second trimester till now. So far, I'm feeling healthy. Exhaustion, yes but not
As in natural birth?
Have a long walk every evening