Not taking Vitamins

Hello mummies. First time mum here and 18 weeks pregnant. I just want to ask if anyone of you have the same dilemma like me. I find it hard to swallow tablets or capsules even smaller one. So I cannot take my vitamins Iberet and Calcium. very seldom I consume it. also I crushed the tabs so that I can easily swallow it. Also my Obimin I never tried once. Will it affect my baby? Thank you.
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Still 17 weeks n I can't wait to experience my baby moving, when should I expect baby kicks
I share the dilemma of swallowing huge tablets too! I used to skip cos I couldnt swallow and kept vomiting out the obidimin and calcium pill but after splitting into two pieces and you can also try sw
You may drink maternal drink as a replacement
I share the same dilema of taking those vitamins.I find it hard to swallow too. My OB prescribed 30 obimin and 30 calvin but I just took 10 calvin and 5 obimin..hirap inumin eh..kailangan ko pa hatiin
Tunay!umiiyak din ako pag iinom na..struggle is real tlaga..sama pa ng lasa..nkakasuka
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Suggest to still keep crushing your tablets vs skipping them. Maternal milk is also a good idea for calcium