Can’t swallow the vitamins from my gynae

Hi mummies, I am a first time mum and since last week I have stopped taking the vitamins (obimin/fish oil etc) as I have been vomiting out after taking it, any suggestions or gummies to introduce? also I have been drinking enfamama milk as a substitute as I am scared that it will affect my baby😭 also would like to ask if there is any mummy that did not take their vitamins throughout the pregnancy?#1stimemom #advicepls #15weekspreggy

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Hi dear! I faced the same problem - I’d vomit out whatever vitamins/supplements that were prescribed by my gynae. Then on, I stopped consuming all the tablets. I substituted with more fruits & veggies! You can drink smoothies/juices too (this helps me to aid my morning sickness😉) Already 37 weeks pregnant now & my baby’s development has been progressing well plus healthy! Just make sure you monitor your food intake on daily basis! Stay healthy & hydrated! 💕

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9mo ago

Thank you!❤️

i took smartypants prenatal gummies throughout my pregnancy as i cannot take pills too. based on my research they’re the best tasting gummies around. gynae did give me the green light to eat them :) u can try searching them on iherb.

9mo ago

Thank you!!☺️

i hv the same issue too! cant swallow pills & when i forced it, i triggered alot of vomitting.. hv not been taking since but i try to eat more nutritious food + fruits

9mo ago

Thank you!☺️