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Baby rash all over her body?
She's 4 months, and recently has rashes all over her face. Body started to developing too. What's wrong? She do not have this before.
Are you bf or on fm? How’s e rashes on body looks like? Go see Pd in case milk allergy if lo is on fm.
4 months . Lesser milk LO consume , Why?
My lo used to drink alot, literally alot but as soon as she grew up... the lesser she drinks. She only consumed 120 / 150 ml (4 bottles per day) sometimes she did not finish it 😕 Anything to worry?
Drinking lesser milk is not a sign of being ready for solids.. At 4 months, she could be teething therefore not drinking as much as usual..
Prob ready for non milk foods
Every 3 months birth control injection ?
Has anyone tried? And how long it took for you to get pregnant after you stopped the injection? I've heard from my friends that it took 10 months for them to get pregnant back eventhou they've stopp
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It depends on individual. Some has no problems to conceive and some do. That’s the side effects of birth control pills and injections.
LO very clingy?
My LO is turning 4 months tomorrow and she's getting more demanding and clingy. Doesn't want to sleep in her crib, she wants to sleep with me or my mother and when either one of us are doing something
On kids music / play with her / things that distract her. Or you can bring her out for a stroll. If she haven’t taken her nap, play with her more. Make her “tired” then feed her.
How to get a BOY?
I planned to have just 2 kids. Always wanted a boy for my first child but I was blessed with a girl on July 2019. I'm still thankful and now I want to have a boy for the second one. Everyone asked m
I have 3 siblings. 2 older bros and 1 older sis. My father told us that he planned this way. He said there are actually certain food that can determine the gender of the baby. I'm not so sure if it re
Nothing Guarantees A specific Gender unless you are going for IVF I guess...
Baby diarrhoea
My LO is 3 months now and started to have diarrhoea the day before yesterday at night. I've recently changed to soy milk formula for her yesterday and it is better a bit. Should I still seek for d
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If baby is well hydrated (drinking well, peeing well, diarrhoea improving), can monitor for a litte while, but if things get worse again, bring him to see a doctor:)
LO (3 Months) says "Daddy"
I have a Daughter, my first child. She's very close to her father ever since she was born. My husband helped me a lot in taking care of our baby. I do not need to wake up at night when the baby cries.
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All my kids honestly prefer their dad to me hahahha.. My husb helps out alot with the kids and definitely the fun parent. Im always the bad cop n him the good cop.. My daughter also called daddy first
Envy you that you has a good Husband who took care of everything while you can rest. Hard to find such Husband.....
It's OK I have 3 kids. My 2 girls said mama first but my son said papa first haha.
My LO also say “papa” first
How many tins per month?
My daughter consumed 900g/4 tins for 1 months which means 900g/1 tin lasts for 1 week. How many tins does your LO consume per month?
My 4mo drank 850g tin in 8-9 days
About there. 1 tin every 7 to 8 days
About the same as you
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How old is your daughter? Do you also breastfeed? If your daughter consumes the milk that quickly, get the 1.8kg tins which are cheaper. Also buy in bulk:) 10.10 online sales are coming!
About same as yours. 800g lasts for 5-6days. I bought a carton of 800g of 6 or 1.8L of 3. How old is your LO?
Milk formula tins for 1 month?
I always bought 2 tins of 900g formula milk for each month but it seems like it's still not enough for my LO. I'm thinking if I should buy 1.8kg milk formula, and standby another tin of 900g. How
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I buy bulk online. At any one point, there’s 3/4 tins on stand by
I always purchase in bulk online. Each time I buy will be 8 tins at one go. Since LO will always be drinking until he’s 1 year old
the MOST expensive infant milk powder is the BEST?
Hi parents. What's the difference between the most expensive milk formula and the cheaper ones? The ingredients are almost the same thou... Is it because of the brand company or?
It all depends if child likes the particular brand..
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I would suggest that you request for samples from popular infant formula brands and buy the brand most suited for your child
Not true, see which one is more suitable. Usually just branding diff
Not much of a difference. You’re paying the premium for the brand.
Dun think there is diff . It just the brand . Most important is which suit ur Love one . Affordable milk powder also good too