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Hi Mummies! Read that baby needs more calcium now as approaching 30 weeks! Any milk recommendations that I can drink?
Any suggestions of good brands? ☺️
Pregnant mummies need about 1000mg of calcium per day. If you’re on calcium tabs already, just supplement with 1 glass fresh milk, green veg, dairy products and soy products in your daily diet.
Similac brand maternal milk
Super Mum
Maternal milk
Fresh milk will do. Aren't you on calcium tabs?
Your doctor will provide calcium tablet for you, if not, ask from your doctor.
When is the right time to buy baby stuff? (Clothings, swaddles, carrier etc) Went to the Baby Land fair today and its really overwhelming! ? 26 weeks!
Also, any recommendations for good baby carriers Mummies? Help!
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My personal opinion is to go to baby fairs just to look and touch, having a feel of what you like/want. Most of my purchases are done online because the prices are comparable/better than baby fairs, e
Base on my personal experience, after birth will be ideal.. Online purchase is so convenient nowadays, with less than a week delivery. You may shop around now and purchase at the later stage.
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I only buy carrier & strollers aft baby is born. For carriers, better to fit baby in n try to see ur comfort level..but its good to keep an eye on certain brands 1st to zoom on what u ideally want..
Never too early, me thinks! :)
The moment we confirmed our babies gender.. but my mom bought the moment she knew I was pregnant 😂
Gender Reveal
Mamas! Did you guessed your baby’s gender correctly? My instinct was a boy all these while but we are having a baby girl! Haha 🤣
Same here! And congrats💖
Same here!
My instinct was the same as you 😂 . I always guess its a boy all these while , even both side of family too but turn out its a girl ❤ . Hehe .
I guessed girl (hoping is a girl lol) and is boy
Had a feeling mine was a boy but i didnt want to disappoint my husband so kept quiet. At 15 weeks, the Dr revealed it’s really a Boy. 😂
Felt my baby kick for the first time at 20 weeks! Mamas describe your baby’s first kick! Is your baby active during at night lol? ⚽️ Or during the day?
Share with me the feeling? Do you expect your baby to kick or was it unexpected?
Mine's morning and night, afternoon so quiet and not as often🤣😂
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My baby is active during the night! She will kept kicking and punching me when I'm sleeping
Mine varies. Sometimes the kick is so sudden that i got a shock out of it. As baby grows, it can become more intense too
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mine start off like bubble popping feeling 😂 baby more active at night
Felt the baby kick in my 22 weeks.. and it was so satisfying as i have been waiting for it. Before that it was just light flutters, but as it wasnt so strong or anything, that i doubt myself if it was