Any mummies exclusively pumping from day 1? Can share what’s your routine like?

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When nanny was around, every 3 hrs. In the middle of the night I stretch to 4 hrs to sleep abit more. After nanny left, I pump after every feed. My baby feeds every 3-4 hrs. But sometimes if I have to spend time putting baby to sleep etc, I may drag out to 5 hrs.

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For the first 1-2months every 2-3h including waking up at night. After 2 months now I stretch to 4-5h and last pump ard 11pm-12am. Middle of night pump at 3am then 6-7am when wake up.

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Mine. In the initial day I pump every 3 hours till my supply is regulated. There after I slow drag to 5-7 hours (3-4 time a days) and proven that the supply is the same when I use to pump like 6-8time.

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I pump every 3hours,i stopped latching after 3days as it hurt too much due to wrong latch by my baby I put hot compress on breasts before pumping

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I did for 2 months. I pump every 3 hours

I pump every 2-3 hours. Around the same timing as when baby is up to feed