Hi mummies/daddies, can share what your newborn bath routine is like?

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This is just 1 method: 1. Dip cotton balls/a soft towel in warm water and wipe the face -around the eyes -nosebridge -around the mouth -cheeks, chin and forehead -behind the ears -skin creases at the neck 2. Fill the bath tub with warm water (about 38 degrees). Keep it shallow (maybe around 5cm depth of water when baby’s so young) 3. Remove baby’s romper but keep the diaper on. Wrap baby’s body with the towel, as though you’re swaddling baby.. but the triangle that you fold down at the head region should face the ourside and not inside. Carry baby using the football hold (facing upwards) with the non dominant hand, bringing baby to the bath tub 4. Wash baby’s hair with water and baby shampoo, as well as the neck, then rinse off with water. Unfold the triangle on the towel to dry the hair/face (if you’re not comfortable doing this while holding baby, bring baby back to the changing table/mat) 5. Unwrap baby and remove the diaper, wiping any pee/poo away with the wet wipe. Leave the towel opened up on the changing mat, and prepare the new diaper 6. Carry baby to the bath tub and place baby in. I usually let the leg touch the water first (newborns might cry regardless, but later on at around 4 months, they like having the legs go in so they can kick the water). Place baby in a semi lying down position. Your non dominant hand should be under the arm pit that’s further away from you, and baby’s head should be resting on your forearm. 7. Gently splash some water onto baby’s body, then wash with soap. It’s challenging intially because baby can’t support the neck well. I usually lift baby up slightly to be able to wash the back/bum. Remember to wash the groin region, armpits and neck area 8. Bring baby back to the towel that’s on the changing table and dry baby off. Put the new diaper under baby’s bum once you’ve dried it (there are occasional surprises.. haha) 9. If the umbilical cord is still there, use a wet cotton ball/cotton bud to clean around the cord. And if the cord has fallen off, continue to clean the area because there will still be some scabs that take time to fall off. 10. Apply moisturiser to the lower body first and strap up the diaper. Then apply moisturiser to the rest of the body/face. Put on the clean clothes, pick baby up and give baby a big hug! PS. Newborns usually cry for half the process unless they’re drowsy/super well fed, but later on, they love it when you talk/sing during baths:) lots of smiles and playing from 3-4 months old.

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Fill up the tub with warm and shallow water, place out your mat, undress baby and throw away the dirty diapers and wipe with wet wipes then bath the baby from the back first then to the front and head then face. My baby just love the water so she doesnt cry at all