3-4 months old baby schedule

Hi mummies, can you share what’s the day to day schedule for your three/four month baby like? Thanks!

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Hello! My baby will wake up for milk ard 7 am. Feed him followed by bath time. Keep him occupied with toys and tummy time till he’s sleepy which is usually 1 1/2 hrs later; ard 8.30 am. Put him down for his nap time. He has his milk every 3 hrs which means he will be awake by 10 am for his next feed. This routine continues throughout the day till evening. He will go to sleep ard 8 ish pm. I try to establish routine with my my baby as its easier for both him and i. He will know what to anticipate next and i get to do other things as well such as housechores and take my meals.

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My lo is 3 month old . It’s still pretty much waking up for milk , then putting her back to sleep. Wake time between each feed maybe 15-20 mins.