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Does breastfeeding actually help you lose weight?
depend la , ada yg ya . & x . hormon kot
Is there anything we can do to get our milk supply to come in quicker? Worried about not having any during the first few days.....
my daughter was a preemie so she had to be in the NICU. for the first few days she didnt latch because she had a lot of tubes on her. so i pumped immediately. my milk came in a day after i gave birth.
Hi mummies, how do u normally clean up after LO latch on? As in cleaning the nipples.
water and cotton, for me

evening primrose oil

is it safe to take evening primrose oil when breastfeeding? if so, what brands do you all recommend?
Yes u fact it increases milk supply and helped blocked ducts for me


Breastfeeding mummies, are you all taking any supplements? if so, what are they? TIA!
Drinking lactating milk like FrisoMum will provide nutrients for you and the baby.
My nipples have turned sore from breastfeeding. Any remedy to heal them? My lo is 3 months old and I have to exclusively breastfeed her.
I use lansinoh but also a nipple shell when I am not breastfeeding so that it can have some air time. But once your nipples gotten used to it already, it shouldn’t feel sore.

Weaning off

My son is 14 months and highly dependent on comfort nursing to sleep. I love the bond but i wish he could fall asleep on his own. I feel that he will have a better quality sleep rather than depending
Cold turkey worked for us. I started by telling my daughter 2 wks before e weaning to prep her mentally. (E.g. she is a big girl now, big girls don’t latch anymore n will drink milk from bottle/cup).
How to increase milk supply
take supplement
I'm very worried now. during my first pregnancy i do not have much nausea and my appetite was great. back then i produce alot milk now im into my 7mth pregnancy and nausea is still here..eating very
thats good dear
I'm almost done with the first trimester & I'm wondering if it's still okay to continue to breastfeed my 21 mons old baby while I'm pregnant?
better kosultation with your dokter