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Does milo help to boost milk supply?
i dont think it can be safe for using it longer, because milo contains a lot of sugar. better you choose the infused water. instead of water you can still taste the fresh water from lemon or cucumber
For me yesss.
Yes for me 😊
Yes for me !
Too sweet, for me
When storing breast milk in storage bags, do you prefer to freeze them as a flat bag or standing up? If flat bag, when defrosting, what method do you take on to ensure bag doesn't leak?
freeze it flat bag and keep it upright.
I freeze tham as a flat bag and put then inside a plastic container to save space. The storage bags a use have 3 seals, no worries of spilling
I freeze flat then put them standing up.
Flat bag
I freeze mine as a flat bag for storage
How to increase milk supply
Can try Dried Red Dates, Dried Longan, Wolfberry, Fenugreek and Rock Sugar. Boil everything for 30mins and drink it. It works for me!!
Cookies ill give you the recipe soon
More demand, more supply.. strictly 3hourly pumping for working mommies at work, keep on breastfeed while with baby.. Power pumping when having free time during weekend😊
Drink a soup everyday.
Does soya milk help to boost milk supply?
Like what Idza and Diana have mentioned, soy milk is healthy and has a number of benefits for the nursing mother. It is also believed to be a good milk booster for some. The only thing to note is that
The estrogen in soy milk is considered high when compared within plant based food. When you compared with animal based food, the hormone amount exist in soy is very little as compared to the hormones
There are conflicting camps regarding this questions; soya milk or soy products are good for increasing breast milk supply because it contains calcium and fortified iron, all good things for babies.
I am a breastfeeding mum. I like to eat spicy food. Should I eat during BF? If not, what can I eat?
i think thts not a serious case for your baby, as long as your baby still calm and healthy, yes go for it. i mean thts good ur baby try another taste tht meets in his tongue. in serious note you eat t
ofcourse you can eat. i love spicy food too
Better if you don’t eat before breastfeeding. Eat nalang after kung gusto mo talaga.
I still eat tho.
Different people have different experiences. It's best to have in moderation, unless it shows an impact on your child.
Any mummies experience baby keep rubbing and pulling ear when latching?
Its normal. Babies will rub their eyes and ears with their hands when they are tired.
I think is normal. Cause mine did that too
Mine all the time. Not only when latching but usually when he is hot, tired or pissed off. He will scratch till the ear bleeds at times too. Ask doc and say they will outgrown the phase. Mine is turni
One of our friend said that it's sign of teething.
Yup, think it's a sign that baby is tired. Just for your information, here are some signs that babies display when they are tired: For newborns (birth to 6 months; infants (up to 3 months) usually
hi mummies can my expressed milk be consumed after eatinf bbq food and even stingray
Yes ok
Eat everything in moderation - that's the key.
Hi As long as you are not taking stingray everyday, it should be fine. Stingray is categorised as "high mercury" fish, hence people will tend to avoid taking it while breastfeeding. But, as long a
Yes, it’s fine to eat spicy or hot food while you’re breastfeeding. Although a tiny amount of what you eat does go into your milk supply, it's unlikely that eating spicy food will affect your baby. Pl
When is the good time to bottle feed breast milk? Will LO reject breast feeding after that?
Mine was 1 month
Experts suggest waiting til your baby is at least a month old and when breastfeeding is well established before introducing a bottle.
I started formula 3rd months but every night I feed Brest milk too
I introduced it when my boy's 6 weeks old, sufficient time to build up BM supply. Ensure that the teat of the bottle is wide (NUK, Hegen) to minimize nipple confusion.
Mums, can you share which breastpump is good? Looking for double automatic type as i'm hoping to pump after returning to work. Thank you!
Unimom , so far it's best one that I'm using
I’m using unimom double pump, very portable
medela freestyle, i can pump while driving
Medela has a lot of great double pumps
How long did you bleed after giving birth? I'm 10.5 weeks postpartum, breastfeeding, not on birth control pills. I stopped bleeding around week 7, but then it came back, stopped and started again. Is
I think 1 month plus
Every woman’s body has different ways of recovering from child birth. Just monitor your bleeding together with your doctor.
You should follow what your doctor says. Everyone has a different symptom. Worry not.
It should be ok to have some spotting resembling the end of your period which is like dark brown. I had it after I stopped lochia at about week 7 too. Should be like the residual waste material. I
If you are not breastfeeding, your period is likely to return after 6 to 8 weeks whereas it might take longer if you are breastfeeding. I bled for about 2 weeks and there was a bit of blood around