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Planning on breastfeeding? Ask questions about your breastfeeding concerns, or share your journey here.

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Breast feeding when out

What to do when breast feeding baby when going out? As my gal refused to latch on for longer time, I have to find the nursing room for pumping. It let m felt to stay home instead going out. Need your
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Hi mummies, how do u normally clean up after LO latch on? As in cleaning the nipples.
Nope I don’t. I did read somewhere before that the bacteria around our nipples are good ones. I just bathe myself whenever I get home from outside.
Hi, can we use medicated patch such as tiger balm or salonpas or ketoprofen plaster during breastfeeding?
Yes that’s fine. It doesn’t enter your bloodstream :)


Is there Any food to avoid when BF?
Cabbage! 😬
Does breastfeeding actually help you lose weight?
yes for me. after just 2 months of breastfeeding, back to pre pregnancy weight na ko. actually mas pumayat pa nga and almost wala na kong belly fats.
My lo who is exclusively on BF has not pooped for 4 days? Is there anything to worry?
Exclusive breastfed babies can go up to 10days without pooping. Can search for baby yummy massage steps or video and massage your little one and be prepared for a very messy diaper. If baby is cranky

Protein when breastfeeding?

How much protein should I be eating when nursing

Right vs Left Breast?

Ladies who pump, how different is your milk production between left and right breast? For me, its like 30:70
My left boob used to produce more. Try making your baby latch on the breast that produces less, so your baby will send signals to tour body to produce more on that side.
hi, is it possible to get pregnant while breast feeding? LO is now 3 months old, hub and I are planning for second one when LO is 6 months old so tht the gap between both baby is not too far. I'm dire
Wanted to find out LO is 26mths and still latching on like an addict whenever i’m home and throughout the night.. my menses returned this year Jan and we have been trying to get pregnant but a