Haze issue

Mommies, with the haze, other than trying to stay indoor, how do you keep yourself in healthy state? Apparently I got sick cause of the haze and I’m already at 37weeks. On top of that, how do you protect your newborn from it? (I don’t think the haze will go away anytime soon) and how about when times you need to bring baby go out? (Like injection, etc)

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I close all the windows. And on air purifier on blast mode. Will on air con if I find it too stuffy

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Get an air purifier and drink lots of water

Close all windows and get an air purifier

Air purifier and close all windows

Hi, Please get an air purifier

Get an air purifier.

An air purifier.

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Get an air purifier. I have one at home (Philip Brand) & it really helps. I closed all windows, hide myself in an air-con room or else I can hardly breath.

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I purify my air at home..