With the haze coming back, what do you do to protect yourself and your baby in your belly? I am contemplating to buy air purifier if the haze is getting worse. Am I being kiasu?

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Nope! Get an air purifier since haze comes once or twice in a year. Other days when your neighbor/neighborhood having construction, you can switch it on too. It would be a good investment. You don’t have to buy those $500+, a simple and basic xiaomi one works too! It cost below $200 with additional filters.

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Its good to have a good purify at home.. I love clean n thin air that's why i keep a purifier at home. Buy a good one. Good investment for health. Stay indoors more since there is haze :)

3y ago

I see thanks!

Yes it is worth to get a air purifier as it makes sure the air is clean for you and your baby to breathe.

Its always good to standby an air purifier regardless of pregnant or not, so ur not being kiasu lah.

Wear mask. I close all the windows and on air purifier and fan or air con only

Get it. It's worthy! So glad I have one at home now.

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Yup, i have air purifier too. Try to stay indoors

Yes. I already brought and find is better

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I try to stay indoor as much as possible