Haze is upon us, do you still bring LO out or stay at home all day? I'm a SAHM and would usually babywear and bring my boy out for walks when he's cranky. Any suggestion for activities that I can do with him? LO is 7 months old.

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depending on the level at that point in time. otherwise walks just downstairs is okay. other then that indoors is the best.

it depends on the haze psi level. Too high i will stay indoors!

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If too hazy , i will probably stay indoor at home or just indoor playground ..More on indoor activity than outdoor

i bring my LO out once a week using baby carrier. activities like swimming, window shopping, gathering with friends

I will stay home with my kid more during the haze. i don't want to risk them falling sick due to bad weather.

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I plan to stay at home and take LO only indoor playground this next month

Probably better to stay at home with the PSI reading is high. Taking walks are supposed to be good so that baby can get some fresh air. Given that the air is not so fresh now, best to limit being exposed to the haze I guess. Here are some simple suggestions to help entertain your baby: https://pathways.org/growth-development/7-9-months/games/ Hope this helps!

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Thanks for sharing! Will be sure to try these activities :)

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Indoor playground is my go to option when the haze rolls around

If not too hazy then will bring down

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I still bring down but i shorten the walk.