Week 7 to week 4

Hi mommies. I knew that I got pregnant two weeks ago and should be this week my baby already 7week. But yesterday I go to scan, the dr said my baby only 4week. Is it normal mommies? I quite worried since last night scan because the dr said I have to come again in two weeks just to see if it develop into baby. I'm down..

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hi..i think your ovulation is late from your last period..it same goes to me.. my last period is january..until now my period is pause... i did upt on febuary,but its shown -ve... but... i did upt on this april..it shown +ve... so i go to clinic for scan,and yahhh! doctor said i'm 5 weeks pregnant.. due the late ovulation... don worry k... everything will be fine

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jgn risau... mse sya dh pregnant 9week 1st scan kat swasta dr kate baby sya mcm 7week... then masuk 13week scan kat kk dr kate dh 15week... sbb kdg scan baby kecik x nmpk lgi brpe week sbnrnye... last2 dr suh ikut tarikh last period... so due sya 24/9

same like me when i pregnant 10week. based on my preod cycle 11week then check by scan bby 10week. my dr said its normal. because sometimes, process ovulation will be late. dunt worry.. take care yaa

same macam saye laa .. kalau ikut dari last period i dah 11week .masa scan dia cakap bru 7week . sampai doc tnye bnyak kali btul ke u ingt last period .. but alhamdulillah now bby saye dah 34week . and mmg ikut dari last period .

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Hi mommy. The gap is quite far, the baby is probably not developing well. If it's between 1-2 weeks it's still okay. if you're still worried pls consult 2nd opinion from another doctor to confirm your edd and check if there's any heartbeat.

same like my baby on 2016...it should be 8 week but the scan only 5 week...it's normal...scan will tell u the correct week of your pregnancy...

yes same with me.. actually my baby already 10weeks, when i scan, the doctor said size my baby like 7weeks.. he ask me to come again another 3week to double cnfirm..

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Mine another 2 weeks

mcm sy.. pregnant bru 6w tp doktor scan ckp dh 8w4d... skrg tggu lagi 2w utk scan blik...moga dipermudahkan segala urusan .

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Sometimes baby x ikut date period. Its ok. Doa bnyk2. Hopefully in two weeks time we can see the baby n fetal heart

My second scan today said it's only 6 weeks.. If follow count from my first period it supposed to be 9 weeks...