which week i should follow

hello mummies,,yesterday I went to hosp to inform doc that I already pregnant..actually I on treatment for infertility and I already pregnant before start any treatment..???..then doc ask me to scan and she said it was 4 week..but if I use the pregnancy apps counting by my last period it is already 6 week...this is my first baby and I just curious which one I should follow. tq

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normally if at private hospital Dr will reconfirm EDD after multiple ultrasound during first trimester. EDD normally will follow the size and growth of fetus during first trimester if it's varied from your EDD based on last period.

saya pun masa g klinik chekup ikut last period 11week tp scan bru 7week 6day . then buat detail scan msa 19week . yg tu bru ikut last period . pastu buat lagi mase 27week sb xpuas hati haha tp btullah ikut last period .

5y ago

case saya ikut last period ☺

My period x teratur. Kalau ikut period my edd is 31.10 but ikut first scan 13.10. Second scan ngan doktor smlm 15.10 pula. So doktor decide ambil first scan which is 13.10 💜

same case with me.. ikut kira2 supose hari tu dah 10weeks.. tapi bila scan baru 8minggu.. so i just folow ultrasound result sbb period x teratur.. now im almost 15weeks. hehe

5y ago

yeah 😍😍😍😍

Haii. Mgkin period sis tidak teratur n hari sburr lewatt. Sya juga alami bnda yg sama. Apps mnjukkan bby 8 minggu tapi bila discan doc ckap bby baru 6 mggu 2 hari.

5y ago

period sy teratur..xpernah Ada masalah..😊

tgu next appointment .. utk confirmation sis..slalunya Dua minggu sekali.. take care ya...

sya pun period tak teratur...first scan doc ckp bru 7 weeks..tp ikut apps bby dh 9 weeks

sama la..sy ikut last period 12w..tpi scan 10w..kena follow up scan lagi