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Hi everyone, I just did a pregnancy test 2 days ago and I think this means I'm pregnant? Because the second line seems like quite light. I thought of going to doctor to be sure but I heard that only Week 8 should go to see doctor and I check all the calculator, seems like I'm only Week 5. Usually when do you go check? I just want to confirm that I'm really pregnant and not imagining it ?

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Tulis jawapan

Hi, i also checked using the pregnancy test last week and the result was positive. I checked it again using different brand of pregnancy test and the result was positive too.. after 2 days i checked my urine test at the clinic and the doctor confirmed my pregnancy.. the doc scanned my lower stomach but she said it was too early so she found nothing.. she asked me to come another 1 month to check the heartbeat.. maybe u can check with the doc 🤗

Baca lagi
3y ago

Hi, i though only me scan can't see anything, base on my last period is on 26 nov 2019.. So supposedly my pregnancy 6+weeks.. But doctor don't see anything yet.. Maybe is to early.. Cause i do HSG also end of dec 19.. So maybe my pregnancy is very2 new.. 4 times check upt all positive.. Can't wait to see our baby..

5weeks also can check to confirm. If true pregnant, can see sac.