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Hi mommies, Yesterday I went to a clinic for a 1st time scan. The clinic used the old 2d scan. But the doctor said, see there's the baby and the heartbeat. But the baby is a bit difficult to find, he/she was located at my left side. Again, under friend's advice, I went to another place for a clearer scan. The full detail 2D scan. Guess what, the sac is empty. The person told me that this is blighted ovum. I showed her the first baby scan, she said, nope this is not the baby. She told me I don't need to go to Klinik Kesihatan because the sac is empty. Wait for another few weeks, if not, have to clear things out. I'm confused and sad. I don't know how should I feel and whom to believe. I really take care of my body since I found out that I'm pregnant. I was excited yesterday, but now I'm feeling lost. That's all to share, thanks for reading. Have a great day.

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I experienced the same thing. Went for first scan at 5 weeks bcs of the spotting. And the doc said i had a miscarriage. Theres no sac. She ask me to come over another 2 weeks to check wether i need a dnc or not. Then one week later i went to maternity speacialist hospital to check again and did a 2D scan. Guess what?? I can see the sac and the baby with a heartbeat!!! So please dnt losing hope. If u still can feel the pregnancy symptom and theres no any blood came out from ur vagina, then ur baby might just be okay 😘

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Go to the doctor who can detect your baby asap. Dont be sad please. As its sometimes the technic of the usg of each doctor is not the same. This happened to me on my second pregnancy. Went to the first doctor, cant find the baby, the second one still no luck, until my husband found it. But too late as we waited another 2 weeks as the doctors suggested. When we went to doctor who took care of me on my first pregnancy, she found the baby with no effort. She said the technic of those two was not good to locate the baby

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I encountered the same thing. Went for the first scan in 6th week, saw empty sac, doc told me dont put on any hope as there isn't any sign of baby, but asked me to go back to scan a week later. However, we are able to get the baby's heartbeat on the following week's scan!! Baby is currently 30weeks and hopefully everything is ok. Stay positive and go for another scan in a week or 2 weeks later. Probably the baby is just too small at the moment

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This gave hope to me, thanks for your sharing... i encountered the same problem yesterday, now im pending for my hcg blood test report to see if my hcg level is still high...

Hi dear! I had same experience on my first pregnancy. After missed period I checked upt positive went to gp for scan doctor could only see a empty sac he say maybe it's too early and ask to rescan again after two weeks..scan again still empty . I did many scan with different gynecologist..still praying my baby is okay but once I had bleeding I knew I had miscarriage. Maybe you should wait another two weeks.

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Samaa.. 2weeks before I go to the klinik sbb perut sakit sgt. N check I'm pregnant tp upt still negative. Then 4.4 kena dtg lg check. Suddent hari 22.3 ada keluar darah yg byk. Then check dorang kata mungkin period n sy x mengandung. Sedih sgt. Tp sy yakin yg sy mengandung. Sbb dekat bahagian ari2 mmg sakit. Tp bila ckp sakit dorang x comment langsung pasal tu

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Saya pun sis. Check banyak kali upt even time petang pun naik dua line. Then berapa minggu selepas tu dtg klinik sbb perut sakit and keluar darah. Buat upt and negative ☹️ doktor treat as period, bukan keguguran even sebenarnye ade persenyawaan cuma janin tak berkembang. Biasenye hal macamtu katanya sebab chemical pregnancy. Keguguran pada kehamilan yang terlalu awal. Tuhan je tahu sedihnya macamana 😌

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I had a blighted ovum last year oct. 10w, I miscarried at home. At 7w, I was already spotting a bit. Spotting in any of my pregnancy were never a good sign. After 3 months of that event, I was pregnant again. Just gave birth last Sept. Be strong sis.

I had the same case yesterday, i knw how it feels.... its very hard for me to believe this. I m still waiting for my second blood test from doctor to test my hcg level.

stay strong dear, do not lose hope.wait for the next week..maybe the baby was still small and cannot be detected. Hope you will be fine and take care of yourself.

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Oh my dear. Im sorry to hear that. Muster up ur courage dear. Stay strong. I pray that you will be granted more beautiful children.


Keep strong 💪 Wish u get another chance. In sha Allah