sign of labour???

hi mommies. im so worry right now. i got the pains and symptoms that similar to the sign of labour but im only 32 weeks. the problem is, im confuse alot because i never been there yet. since my last complete pregnancy ended up in OT for cesarean. no experience in normal birth. so now i really want to know the common symptoms that all mommies out there been through. it might soothe out my stress. i dont know what to do. no bleeding yet. i need support so i can plan what to do if something really happen. to be honest, i really thought this pregnancy will be a cesarean too. but this situation really makes me scared, confuse & stress. please share. i google and makes me confuse more. need to hear from real experienced mommies.

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Maybe braxton hicks. I honestly don't know what braxton hicks feels like 😂. But I know real contraction, rasa sakit tu kerap. Sakit pinggang every few minutes, sakit dia mcm pressure, bkn pedih2 tu. 1st pregnancy turun tanda dulu baru sakit. (siap blh jalan ikea lepas keluar darah) 2nd pregnancy sakit dulu baru keluar tanda. So what I can tell you is kalau sakit non stop every 5-10 minutes then it is real. Everybody is diff, ada org sakit sgt tp baru 3cm, ada org 3cm pun tak sakit lg. I kategori sakit at 3cm so I pergi hospital awal. But if you're worried go to hospital, maybe doc akan bg suntikan dexa utk elak early labor. Sorry bahasa campur it's 4am. 😅

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4y ago

insya Allah, doa2kan. cuak sgt dh ni.

kalau kekerapan kontraksi tu smakin kuat, kiraan dalam 5 min hilang dtg, tu mmg nak bersalin..

5y ago

ya.. braxton hicks tu 1 hal. pernah kene masa mgu ke 37. hahaha. malam2 dia buat hal. ingatkan dah nak bersalin. tp hilang gitu ja lepas tu. kekeke