Knee Problem After Giving Birth

Hi mommies, anyone experiencing knee problem after giving birth? Like pain when bent down or kneel down or up down staircase. I never have knee problem but right after giving birth 3 years ago I started to have knee pain until now ?

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Yes , drink more milk and eat things high in calcium ,I’m lactose intolerance so I only ate food high in calcium but it’s gone after 3mths of giving birth !!

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I didn’t experience knee pain after giving birth tho. Maybe you want to consult your doctor

Yes I had really bad knee pain especially while climbing stairs. It thankfully went away by 1 year

3y ago

What did you do so that the pain went away?

Hi, Yes it is common. Also happens due to calcium deficiency. I would suggest visit a doc

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Take more calcium and strengthen your thigh muscles to put less stress on your knees

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Yes it's quite common. But do go for TCM or a doctor if the pain gets too unbearable

Yes common. Lack of calcium. After 6 mths will be gone

3y ago

Mine still pain after 3 years 🙁

Yes Very common I was ok after 6 months

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Mine having hip problems ):

3y ago

Mean seeing chiropractic to relieve pain

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try visit tcm