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Baby food thermo flask w/ stainless steel inside lid
Does anyone know where I can buy a baby food thermo flask that has a stainless steel inside lid? TIA!
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Takashimaya or isetan
Can try ntuc finest, isetan, takashimaya :)
Tangs, Metro
Anyone has a MIL like mine?
Not sure if this is common but I have always imagined MILs to be always hovering around their grand children? Want to care for them, watch them, play with them etc. But my MIL does not seem interested
Usually if it's a first baby and a son,both families should be happy. Because Chinese culture old timer prefer to have a son as their first new born/grandson. Likewise,maybe she kept a distance not to
Speaking from MIL perspective...we love our grandchildren (no doubts about it) just because I don't wish to cradle, push stroller, hugs and kiss every 2 secs does not mean I love them any lesser...its
It really depends on their characteristic sometimes as a mother themself they scared that might offend the other party if they took much attention on your child from u. But it really varies as my case
Not uncommon
Wa... To be honest I wish my mil like that. But my mil keeps want to carry 😔
brand new toys to donate but no organisation will take?
Hi everyone! My son received much toys at his baby shower and wish to donate away. Problem is when I called some toy libraries and thrift stores, they told me they are full and no longer taking in any
Salvation army?
Try infant care centres? Especially those targeted at less priv families? Healthy Start Child Development Centre, for example. They are under Beyond Social Services.
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Try doing a shout out via this app...
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Try to bless to someone
anyone whose LO has been diagnosed with hearing loss?
My LO passed his newborn hearing test. But now at 6-months, he failed his hearing test (OAE) twice and we are now waiting for a more detailed test (SSEP). Super anxious and worried... Wondering if we
I’m facing the same as well, she passed her NB test but at 6months, she failed her test. This is just the first time. I asked for advises from my mummy friends, and actually all of them told me to mon
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Dry skin after delivery
Any mommies here who had oily/combi skin prior delivery, but became dry skin post delivery? I had oily/acne prone skin all my life and now after delivery, it's just dry and itchy ?
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Use moisturizer day and night
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Me! I use pigeon baby moisturising lotion on my face and it became much better