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suavinex bottles
I just came across this brand called Suavinex. Fell in love with the bottles designs! However, never heard of the brand before. Its from spain. Anyone using it?
Hey mum, Never heard of this brand before. But if you like the designs, then you should definitely try it and see the quality experience
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Nope. I think it’s a new brand. Maybe you can give it a try and advise us if it’s good. Thanks
travel to kl during 3rd trimester
Is it fine to travel to KL from SG by car during early 3rd trimester?
Its fine... just standby whatever u need during the drive and have a safe trip!
I’m going to do that too! My gynae said it’s okay. Just gotta take it easy if need to stop and Pee or walkaround a bit.
choosing of delivery ward
When can we start choosing which ward class type (A,B,C) we want to stay in after delivery?
Toward the end of 2nd trimester ur gynae will ask u to select the delivery package which u prefer (including single or double wards etc)
NUK bottles
Any mums use NUK bottles for baby? Pls give some review. Thank you
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Hi i find avent bottles are better. Cheaper too
kkh bill enquiry
Anybody knows hotline or email to enquire about bill for kkh?
Gynae checkup
Wonder how private gynae checkup goes? For me under subsidized, every consultation around 10 mins, doc just ask few questions and done.
Mine also under kkh sub. I think it's more of what do u want to ask and know. They will answer you. So if u have no concerns, no problem, no issues, good to be short and sweet too . Shorter is perhaps
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It’s good. If no complications is lucky
I spent more time with gynae and can ask questions without feeling I am being hurried.
I think 10 min is not too bad... Mine goes like this: Urine test Doctor asks questions (any symptom) I ask questions Scan Talk about baby's growth and what to expect next Usually the whole thing la
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same, the only difference is I can call my gynae 24 hours if any emergency
very dry skin
Anyone experience very dry skin around you breast area?
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Mine is at the nipple area. So i apply oil every night. It hurts!
eat steak
Is it ok to eat steak (well done) during pregnancy?
Yup in moderation
Yup. Make sure it is well done
Very Ok
Yes. I ended up didn't enjoy it haha 😅 I'm a medium rare steak eater
obimin and blackmores
Anyone switch from obimin to blackmores pregnancy?
Obimin is the best for multivitamin
baby bonus
When can you start apply? And when will they deposit the money?
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You can start applying once you receive your child's birth cert
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After gotten birth cert
After you got your baby cert. around 2 working weeks.
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After you’ve given birth and gotten baby’s birth certificate