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My LO is 2 month's old, just wondering what time you all bathe your babies, mine is before her sleeping schedule, 6-7pm.. not sure if it's too late or timing still OK, i used to bathe her in the morning but i found out that she sleeps longer at night whenever i shower her during this time.. thanks

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If its comfortable for baby then just stick to it. All of is wants a happy and comfortable baby. I bathe mine twice a day, morning between 8-9 and late noon between 5-6. He would be quite cranky if he is not bathe during thise times. Guess it became a habit for him already and he would be more calm and comfortable and able to fall asleep easier.

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That’s perfectly fine!:) that becomes part of her pre-bedtime routine so it’s good that she knows bedtime is coming after the bath:) as long as the hair has time to dry, and the room is not cold, I think 6-7pm is perfectly reasonable:)

Depends on weather. If raining whole day I just wipe as they are still young not dirty also. If sunny day I will shower before 4pm.

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Morning shower by 11.30am. And night shower by 7.30pm...

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It’s ok when ever comfortable to u n ur baby

As long as baby is comfortable it's fine

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It’s ok if not cold.

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Afternoon for me

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It’s alright