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What time did you bathe your baby? Can I bathe my 2 months plus baby at night (around 9pm)? MIL say we cannot bathe baby at night because the wind will go into her body, is it true?

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I bathe mine at 5-6pm, but a lot of websites recommend bathing right before bed time as part of their bed time routine. It will help them sleep longer. As long as you keep windows closed I don't think there's any difference between day and night.

Once in the morning after he poops, and another before 6pm. If night time raining or windy, we would just dry clean him. Do ensure you have all the towels, clothes and lotions nearby ready to be used, with the windows closed and fan turned off.

Even till now, my baby at 6mths, i only shower my baby in the morning. But i do use wet cloth to wipes his body clean before napping/sleeping. The older gen told me not to shower him at night else he’ll catch a cold easily.

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I try to bath my baby before 6pm. If you wanna bath your baby at night, you gotta make sure you off the fan and close the windows if it’s windy. Your baby might catch a cold easily

i usually shower bb in morning ard 10am. And wipe down around 7 or 8pm. but recently the weather us too hot i will shower instead of wipe down at same timing.

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The latest time I showered my lo is around 8pm. As long as shower duration is kept short and not exposed to aircon room for long, it is fine.

usually around 10am to 12noon.