What time do your LOs go to bed? I read online that most sleep by 6-7pm? I work full time and I'm only home at 7. Then I will bathe, give him milk before he sleeps at about 8.30pm. Is that too late? he wakes up at least 1-2 times a night, and is officially up at 630am which is the time we wake up also. Is there something I can do to decrease the number of times he's awake at night?

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How old is your lo? 6-7pm is too early, will result in more night wakings. I'm also a ftwm and my lo is -7mo. He used to sleep by 8.30pm when he was younger but it got later. Now by the time I settle his bath and last feed, it's abt 8.45-9pm. So he usually goes to sleep at abt 9-9.30pm. Unless he's really tired out from the day, then he'll sleep by 8-8.30pm.

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5y ago

Yup that sounds ok, he's not sleeping too little or getting too much sleep. Could just be a phase, hope you ride it out soon!

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Hi... 8pm would be ideal. You might also find this article informative https://sg.theasianparent.com/tips-on-getting-your-baby-to-sleep-longer

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Previously my LO always sleep at 11pm+. No choice I have to give him training. Now he sleep at 9pm, at most 10pm

Ur baby is overtired. That's y from being able to sstn to now keep waking up

8.30pm is a good time. how old is your child? waking up once or twice is normal.

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If more than 1-2 times? Shouldn't have said too early. Last night wake up 4 times. Sigh. Every 2 hours.

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How old is your LO? My LO both (5yo & 2yo) goes to bed arnd 9-9.30pm.

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try to work with a rountine to make him nap during the day. And 5mo usually they will fight nap because they want to explore.

My son is nearly a year old. He goes to bed between 8pm - 8.30pm.

My son goes to bed by 7.30pm at the latest by 8.30pm.

Mine about 845-9pm will sleep. Until next day 630am.


Mine 730pm