Bathing baby (1 month plus)

When is a good time to bathe a baby? Before or after feeding? My baby always cry when I bathe her. Likely due to me not being confident in bathing her yet so baby feels my nervousness. But any tips to share to calm baby down?

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prepare a comfortable place for baby to bath, like the reclined sitting in the tub, and also warm water that just right (not too hot or less warm), let baby enjoy the warm water, after that quickly wrap baby with towel (this is my baby's most favorite part, she will smile whenever I wrap her in towel), better if you have someone to teach you how to bath, so you can immitate them, I learn by seeing my MIL bathing my baby, it's better than watching youtube.

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3y ago

Before I put her into the tub, I will clean her mouth and face. She will start crying then already. I got a nanny who is teaching me. Will keep trying. It Juz gets demoralising to see my baby crying when everyone is telling me that babies enjoy bathe time.

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Before feeding is better. Just remain cool and calm otherwise baby can feel it.

3y ago

My baby feeds approximately every 2 hours. So do I purposely wake her up before that to bathe?