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I'm a Indian and my height is 161cm and weight was 55kg now I'm just 14 weeks pregnant and I'm 64kg. I'm so scared of putting on so much weight and will have difficulties lossing it. How can I maintain a healthy weight pregnancy and will I be able to get back to 55kg after child birth?

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Hi, congrats on your pregnancy! The gain does seem on the faster end, has your doctor mentioned anything about it? I would be more concerned for you if there is any underlying issue resulting in the spike. For me I watched my diet, I still snack but I do ration the quantity of junk. I tried my best to make sure I get balanced diet for my main meals. I've also maintained exercise, but for exercise I'd suggest to clear with your gynae first and do what you're familiar with (I.e. Don't start a new sport or do something you've not done before). Walking or swimming are gentle exercises you can incorporate. I started with 10 mins a day and worked up to 30 mins a day for most days of the week. I also used the calculator that Pris Chung attached in her reply.

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The average weight gain for 14weeks pregnant should be 1-3kg. The overall average weight gain during pregnancy should be 10-16kgs. Have to be careful with your diet, do cut down on carbo & sugar (fruits too as they contain sugar). Below is the link I used to check & monitor my weight gain during pregnancy. https://www.calculator.net/pregnancy-weight-gain-calculator.html

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I am 18 weeks pregnant and I have gained 3kg, which is normal. I think you have gained too much at only week 14. Do you check if you have preeclampsia or gestational diabetes? I reduce or hardly eat sweet stuffs including desserts and sweet drink. other than that, I eat normally and sometimes a bit more than pre-pregnancy. I do exercise regularly. if I cant go swimming, I will walk.

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at week 14, I hardly gain any weight at all.

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I was 54kg before and 70kg at the end of pregnancy. After giving birth the weight went down quickly but now stuck at 58kg which I'm OK with. If you're eating as per normal, the weight gain could be from water retention so cut down salty food and unhealthy snacks like chips. There's no need to eat extra food during pregnancy

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pre pregnancy weight 42kg whole pregnancy 36 weeks gain 22kg 4 month after giving birth got back to 45kg. I didn't control even gynae ask me to. I think everyone should just enjoy pregnancy. weight wise you can loose weight especially when you're breastfeeding and exercise

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Your weight shoot up by too much at week 14.. need to check whats the problem. Cos week 14 should not gain by that much... on average gaining 11 to 16kg by time you deliver..

I work out everyday. Walk as much as possible( min 30mins a day), I do prenatal yoga , walk on treadmill after dinner. I eat whatever I feel like eating.

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wahh. so fast.. I started to gain weight at third trimester and I'm 64kg , 34 weeks now. just control your diet especially sugar

Gotta look out for the sudden weight gain... get advice from your gynae

Control ur diet. Cut down crab and sugar