Preg with second child (Haven't lost postpartum weight)

Has anyone being preg and did not lost postpartum weight? It been 2 years since I delivered. But I have not lost my postpartum weight. I used to be 37kg, after delivery become 55kg. I'm 7 weeks pregnant but my stomach is so big that it feels like 4 mths preg. Will it be too tough when I'm full term? I'm a petite size mum.

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Heard from a lot of people around me and my gynae as well that usually the second pregnancy tummy will be bigger cause it’s alr stretched from the first pregnancy. And I guess it’s true cause my tummy does looks very big from the start and I am about to give birth with my second one any time soon. Also cause my first pregnancy happened very fast, my gynae told me to be extra careful if bleeding seen or waterbag broke just go straight to the hospital immediately don’t drag at home. It will be tougher than the first pregnancy when tummy gets bigger and bigger each day I would say. My back hurts a lot cos of the big and heavy tummy, giving me hard time to sleep and turning around or even standing when sitting on the floor to play with my girl or even driving to work (note I m not petite size Mum I also didn’t lost all my postpartum weight as well). If you need to go to office to work everyday like me, probably you can talk to your boss (when you tummy is way too big and you can’t take it) and ask if you can wfh instead. For me, cause the covid cases are high and I might due anytime, I requested to wfh prior my ML starts. At least this gives my parents and my hub a peace of mind.

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Monitor your diet. I am into my third trimester . I only gain 2kg so far, my diet consist of meat, veg and alot of fruits like cherries and avocados. Skip carbs if u can like rice bread and noodles