i'm hungry all the time, even when i just ate a lot, i'll still hungry but i always lose my appetite when i eat. i just force myself to eat every food that is good for health but if i eat the same food eveyday, my body will start to reject that food. n now i don't know what else to eat ?

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Same here. I got very2 hungry after 2hrs of having heavy meals but when im about to eat i just have no appetite. I know i want to eat but i just cannot. End up forcing myself, take a long time to finish eating

4y ago

i feel u too 😢

Sama sgt. And it is normal. Sy tgk nasi and lauk x lalu.. Kene cari subway, chicken grill, fries laaa... Huh.... Kdg2 tosei, roti canai, hehehe. Janji isi perut... Sian baby nnti

Sama dgn kerap lapar to xnak makan.. especially waktu makanan utama sy xnak nasi..da 3 Hari sy xmakan nasi

4y ago

sy dah 6w ni sampai skrg x leh nak masuk nasi..tengok nasi,hidu bau nasi pun x leh..

Sy kerap lapar time 1st trimester..bila dh msuk 2nd trimester dh ok dh..😎dh bleh enjoy my pregnancy

same with me,i kerap lapar tp time mkn boleh pula lose already 6 wks

sama la dengan saya . smpai tekak nk reject . time makan je nk boleh habes tu take time .

I feel hungry all the time and i able to eat a lot 💆🏽‍♀️

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Try different cooking method? I'm sorry to hear that. 😔

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😊☺😊☺☺☺ 🍴🍨🍰🍔🍫🍝🍴

Try to eat fruit. Strawberry, orange.