Menu for nausea NO any onion & garlic

Hai mommies, can you all share what is your menu every morning, lunch time & dinner time? Sometime i feel want to cry, don't know what to eat. I'm lost my appetite. Even when i eat fruit, i'm still feel so hungry then i will vomit ?

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Tulis jawapan

Same with me. Sometimes i eat fried noodles with eggs. N dont include onion. Coz i cannot stand the smell. N sometimes my mom cook for me soup vege without onion n chicken. Just vege. Im 16 weeks n still have that nausea.

4y ago

Now i dunwan smell the eggs 🤢 i also scary when see chicken 🤣 imagin of the food make me feel want to vomit omg 😣 hope ur nausea will gone fast mommy. i though it will be last on 12 weeks omg

Oatmeal, peanut butter with bread or with egg

porridge? add some chicken with vegetables(blended).

4y ago

Tq for the suggested sis, but also i can't eat it. I can't smell for the chicken or even fish, suddenly the smell make me want to vomit... i hope so much this 1st trismester gone so fast 😖😩

Omelette most of the time 😅