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Hi, I’m 11 weeks now. I noticed that I lost my appetite during first trimester. Will it back to normal when entering second trimester? I’m hungry but then I got no appetite to eat. I’m worried about my baby ???

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yes its normal and from my experience u will get back ur appetite in second trimester. try finding food that will stay down.like me,in first trimester the only food that could stay down was bubur ayam marybrown and milo.but u also need to eat food rich in iron.maybe hati ayam pangang or bayam goreng so ur hb wont be low. low hb is not good. if ur appetite still no change in 1 week let ur kk know so they will give u something to help u get back ur appetite.

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4y ago

u are welcome ❤

Akk dh seconds trimester yunk.. Selera masih biasa jer lagi ckt makan dri sblm pregnant.. Kalau baby girl mmg x kuat makan... Baby boy pulak akk kuat makan..

Perut lapar tapi x de selera kan.. Bila makan cikit jer.. Pastu dh kenyang..

4y ago

Betullll, sampai saya menangis sbb lapar tapi takde selera :(