Remedies for cold virus while pregnant?

I'm currently having sore throat and runny nose... I'm told not to take cold medicines, but my throat is SO SORE. Is it okay to take liang teh during pregnancy? Like chrysanthemum tea or Luo Han guo drink? And is pipagao safe to consume for preggers?

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I asked my gynae about pipagoa last time when I had a really bad cough, he said it's not recommended and prescribed me some pregnancy safe cough syrup. Maybe you can try going to gp/gynae for a proper prescription? I also spammed a lot of honey lemon ginger drink 😅

Pregnant for how many weeks? Make urself a warm honey lemon drink. And i did take pipagao as my GP couldnt provide me with medication that time as might me too strong for baby. It soothes for awhile and baby is ok.

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Try avoid cooling herb drinks. Make urself the warm honey lemon drink first. If it doesnt help, u can try pipago but moderately ya. Get well soon.

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I drank warm water with organic turmeric in the morning, and honey lemon before bed. I took a lot of fluids as well. I drank so much water, my cold lasted only two days. A lot of rest is impt as well.

Using the pure honey, just put in the mouth and slowly swallowing, it's work for me. Don't take liang teh..

Can try making warm lemon water or honey lemon water to soothe ur throat.

Yes. In moderation. I drink Vic c too when I feel unwell

Try eating marshmallow, try gurgling with month rinse.

See a doctor to check if it’s serious.

Take honey ! Will help abit

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I drank honey lemon