Any remedies for sore throat and flu during pregnancy trimester 1 ? Is it ok to take strepsils or lozegens ?

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Sleeps lots - more rest. Lots of fluids. Dr asked to take ENERVON C..can get from pharmacy Also cut onions into half and place inside your bed room. Help kills bacteria. And if you follow tcm, Tcm suggest only barley and chrysanthemum during pregg.

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Good advice here: I took chlorphamine 4mg tablet, "yellow pill" for flu in my first tri. That's prescribed safe for pregnancy. hope you get well soon. Drink plenty of water and sleep.

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My ob said not to take strepsils. Just vit C and increase fluid intake. I have really itchy throat yesterday and nasal congestion last night. Vicks helped me sleep. Will try ginger and honey tea later. Hope it helps!