I need help.

I'm 26weeks preggy and I'm currently still smoking...having a hard time to cut down from a pack to 5-10stick a day now.how do I quit.?I'm afraid of my baby health.

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Whenever the urge come.. Its best to think of what is the consequences you will face FOREVER as long the child shall live. If you cannot overcome and get it light up in the end... Think of the Medical expenses due to heart /lung failure, inhabitant more cancer cells to ur baby due to your smoking habits.. I think it should make you scare and turn off already. Not worth because of temporary urge and cost you to spent your butt off medical BILLS, and SUFFERING in your BABY and ur pocket, see them CRY pitiful of INJECTION and BLOOD draw out or OPERATION PAIN they go through and u see get heart aches EVERYDAY, the time you need to take time off from work and bring them to REVIEW with doctor.. ultimately you are the one taking care of him/her, no one will pity you when u have a sick child to take care of all because of your bad habits. You can do it. Mind over body.

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Hey , I quit completely when I learnt I was pregnant at week 6. I have smoked for ten years before quitting , ard one pack every one -two days. After I was preg , I feel guilty whenever I smoke , knowing that my little baby is gasping for air each puff I took. Also , Im starting to hate the smell . My breathlessness increases as well so I couldn’t smoke . I know my health will get worse and I did not want to lose my baby . He’s everything to me . Though end up I snack more and gotten GD, he’s been delivered healthily . Good luck and find that motivation to help you quit :)

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Hi. I jz got a miscarriage and how i wish i am still pregnnt now. You are very lucky you are still. And congrats! Do care for this great opportunity ok sis 😊 Be strong for your baby. You got this! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Maybe you try to imagine this. Do you wanna be free and easy with healthy baby or do you wanna keep gg to and fro hospital for baby checkups and keep stressing about baby's health and be worried sick with his cries. For sure none of us want the latter. Big hug to you and jia you!

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I used to smoke alot too until i became sick as in having fever and nausea but didnt have any idea i was pregnant. Became too tired to smoke and eventually stop because i cant get out of bed. Eventually the smell of ciggs made me more sick and i asked anyone ard me to smoke as far as they can. Im new to pregnancy im only 9 weeks in but im glad being sick makes me stop. Maybe you can try eating sweets to distract the thoughts of smoking ? Slowly but surely sis😇 congrats!🤗

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Hi. Thank you for sharing with us on your struggles. Just know that you are progressing. From a pack (of 20!) to 5 sticks is a huge difference. I understand that quitting is as simple as saying it. That nicotine rush that you crave, try to replace it with a snack or distract yourself by being busy. Don't even smoke a full cigarette, maybe go halfs. Slowly but surely. (but in current pregnant condition, let's try a bit faster!) Don't give up. xx struggling soon to be ex smoker

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*quitting is NOT as simple as saying it. A stick lesser a day, a puff lesser a day is still progression. I naturally get repulsed by the smell with this pregnancy, maybe you can psyche yourself as such too! Don't give up!

I have a friend that smokes ard ur qty.. Her child throat was born with a small hole and is taken to icu for a period of time.. I am a smoker myself and i know is not easy.. How bout this whenever u wanna hold that stick up, drink a bit of water/ shop online for baby things or ur future b/f pump, lactation cookies, supplement all.. Distract yourself..

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Think about baby's health, please stop smoking asap. I have girl friends who smoke heavily too but they manage to quit or stop for the sake of their baby. It's really a matter of whether you want to do it or not. *I am not a smoker. You might think that I can't understand how a smoker feels. Just sharing my thoughts. No offence.

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Good on you for trying to quit! You are taking the best action possible for yourself and your family. Going cold turkey is really difficult. Nicotine replacement therapy is actually better for you than continuing to smoke during pregnancy. Can ask for advise from your doctor or a pharmacist.

Hey,i used to smoke too,but i was lucky my morning sickness in first tri made me sick of the smell. Maybe whenever u get the urge,take out ur baby sonogram,maybe physically looking at ur baby would help? Or the quit smoking hotline?

I'm a smoker myself and I quit for the sake of my baby. So, what's your priority now? Your cigarette or your child? Nothing is impossible, it's just your mindset.