Any guide to quit smoking during pregnancy?

Even though I cut down a lot on smoking, the urge is still there and the withdrawal symptoms are quite unbearable! (A lot of nasal discharge) Any advise to stop slowly? #1stimemom #advicepls #pleasehelp #pregnancy

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I was a heavy smoker before I found out I was pregnant. Been smoking for more than 20 yrs (had 4 kids and still smoke) and it was hard to quit but I did once I saw the BFP last year. Never looked back since then. Been more than a yr since I had my last puff. My baby is 8 mths old today. Sometimes I do get the urge to smoke again especially that my husband & my immediate family are smokers but my baby is always my priority than my urge. I've never been more happier! And I save alot of money too! Found this article. Hopefully can help you. Keep trying for the sake of your baby's health & growth developement ok!

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12mo ago

The urge gets stronger with smokers around me as well! But for the sake of my baby's health I'll try. Thanks!!

Hang in there mommy! The best solution is to go cold turkey, cutting down unfortunately just does cut it. I was a pretty heavy smoker before I found out I was expecting ie one pack in two days for about 12 years or so. Once I tested positive i just stopped immediately. I’ve been off it for 10 months now and got my husband to quit too! It is definitely tough but quite frankly i believe you are addicted to the habit of smoking ie one before and after meal etc. So perhaps you can consider substituting this routine for something else. After a while it will be your new routine and you’ll stop having the need to smoke. Good luck!

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12mo ago

It's really tough!! Been smoking for almost 14 years and almost a pack a day. Esp the first stick to start the day is hard to get rid of. But will try out new routine! Thank you~

Super Mum

Maybe try nicotine gum? You may want to consult your doctor on this though. But from what friends have shared with me, best is to go cold turkey. Withdrawal symptoms usually peak after 1–3 days and then decrease over a period of 3–4 weeks. Hang in there, for the sake of baby!

12mo ago

My withdrawal symptoms is really bad and causes me to wake up every 2-3hours to clear my nose.. Will try different methods from now on. Thank you!