Is there such thing as not allowed to take MC?

Hi all, I am working directly under my boss and I am the only person doing the job. In other words, no colleagues etc. Just boss and me. Supposed to hire 2 full time staff but boss hired only me cos she wants to hit KPI and have more profits for the coy (heard it from someone who knows boss). There were a few times I had to take MC but my boss told me she doesn’t want to cover me and i have to find someone to cover me if I want to take MC/and if I’m gonna die. A few times, had to resort to take urgent leave becos of this. Feeling v v v miserable at work, want to quit so badly without a job lined up cos it’s taking a toll on my mental health. Help.

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Hey that's my boss too. Want to on leave no one working your shift please get someone to cover your shift if no one able to help your leave will be reject. I have enough of this. Finding someone to cover my shift is not my job. I have the right to take Mc or leave. Really... Somemore my boss throw question to me ask me if I on leave who gonna work for her... Care about her company who care for our health. Crazy.

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No such thing.. I had a job like this previously & had to delay getting pregnant as i didnt want to settle down with a job like that. No one to cover me & when i get back from MC, there will be huge pile of work on my desk for me to finish within the week/few days time. Toxic environment. MC is your entitlement. I suggest u start finding a new job.. in the meanwhile, hang in there!! ❤

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Super Mum

Sounds like a violation of your rights and your boss should be reported to higher management or directly to MOM. If it's such a toxic environment that affects your mental health you can consider finding an alternative. All the best!


U have the right to take MC. Show your boss MOM website stating about the MC entitlement. If not can complaint to MOM.

According to MOM, as long as you are certified by a doctor that you are unfit to work. Your employer cannot deny you

MC is within your rights. Your job environment is not healthy, sounds like modern slavery.

It's wrong for your boss to say such thing. You are entitled to sick leave.

MC is your entitlement. If she dw to approve, can bring up to MOM

MC is entitled by MOM. Your boss sounded very selfish tho.