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Anyone Wants?
Anyone wants the 4R prints TAP reward promo code? Giving it away as i already print the photos at the photo shop.
You redeem two?
Safe To Swallow Toothpaste
Any toothpaste to recommend for those that can be swallowed? My lo now 2yo still cannot spit out.
Birthday Cake
For birthday celebration in childcare, how big would u buy a cake? For around 15 kids and few teachers.
1.5kg ~ 2kg, if there are leftovers can distribute to the aunties, other teachers and principle.
About a couple kg
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About 2 kg cake would suffice..some bakery will advise you based on the pax anyway
Which One Preferred
Hand sanitiser with holder or name keychains, Which one is better to give as birthday goodies for children of 6yo?
Name keychains will be good
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Keychain (:
Student Care
What is the advantages and disadvantages of putting kids in student care (for pri sch) after sch?
Actually there's alot of Pro's and Con's putting kids in student care. You will discover them as the days goes by. Advantage - there will be teachers to help with the school work. - during school h
How To?
How do u make a 2yo brush teeth? Whenever my lo sees toothbrush he will shake his head and don't want to open his mouth. I have no choice but to force open his mouth.
My LO likes banana so I bought a banana flavoured toothpaste. He always enjoy brushing teeth because of the 🍌🍌
Do it tog with them!
Let your children pick their own toothbrush when it’s time for a change. This gives them something to look forward to every three months. Today, there is an assortment of kiddy toothbrushes from famil
I start brushing at 9mth so is kind of habit. But something lo will refuse, let them choose their own toothbrush, cute design usually works n if u r ok wif flav tooth paste can put abit too.. it shd b
Washing Baby Carrier
How often do you wash the baby carrier?
Once a week. If lo drools a lot on drool pads, I will change every time I go out. Also depends how often you go out.
How To Dispose Undergarments
How do u dispose off torn or damaged undergarments? Just throw it like that or wrap up?
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I just throw
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just throw in rubbish bin
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Just throw like how you would normally throw trash(:
Just throw away or if you want put in plastic bag
Just throw 😂
Cold Drinks During Menses
Do u drink cold drinks when having menses?
Yes I still drink as it doesn’t affect me much
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Yes I don’t change my diet
Redeemed Rewards
Is there any extra points or incentive given if we post or hashtag our redeemed rewards here?
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