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Is there any extra points or incentive given if we post or hashtag our redeemed rewards here?
Advice Needed
My lo likes to watch tv very close, is very bad for the eyes. Any way to not to let him watch so close? The tv console is his comfort area though.
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This is too near... Find out what is the safe distance for TV and set his baby chair and tell him need to sit at ur chair to watch TV...
Pick a designated place far enough from the tv. Tell him no tv If he’s not sitting there.
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High chair - and say for tv time must sit on this chair otherwise no TV
Keep him at a safe distance.
Put the living room table in front of tv table.
Show Of Hands
Anyone here was pregnant before marriage? How did u and your partner felt at that time?
I preg on the day i rom 😂 my husband just okok lor.. i also oh preg then preg lor 😂😂😂
Not me... i got pregnant after marriage.
Feminine Wash
Does using feminine wash helps to ease the itchness on the private area? If so, which one is recommended?
Using too much feminine wash also not good. But since it's itchy, visit a doctor would be best.
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Do consult a gynae asap
Feminine wash doesn't help. Best to visit a doctor to ask proper medication
Don’t think that helps tho..
Try TS6 cleansing mousse. I got it from my ob clinic but you can get it online I Guess
Let's Share
Let's share, Which one is your preferred brand of pantyliner or sanitary pad?
Carefree panty liners and Kotex sanitary pads
Korean brand else Sofy
Laurier brand.
How To Stop Night Diapers
My gal of 6yo still wearing diapers at night for sleep. If she wear undies she will wet the bed as didn't wake up for pee. Any way to train to stop wearing night diapers?
Need to pee before going to bed. Have to make it a habit. Actually best to start training young.
Get her to per before bed and drink water or milk few hours before bedtime
Pls Advice
Is it advisable to put pantyliner everyday?
Yeap..But need to change frequently
Yes as long as it is changed regularly
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Yes, fot hygiene purpose. Its cleaner.
Formula Or Full Cream Milk
2yo, drinking formula or full cream milk?
Both are ok
Full cream milk
Can drink full cream milk
Can drink full cream cows milk already
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Full cream milk during the day and in childcare. But latch through the night
Birthday Goodie Bag
Any suggestions on birthday goodie bags? Other than snacks, small toys and stationery sets, what else can i give?
Customised t-shirt for class?
Lost Interest In Sex
Anyone has encounter losing interest in sex? My hubby would like want it everytime but i just don't have that mood for it. How to boost back the interest?
Are you stressed out?
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I guess it can be difficult when we are all stressed and tired. Do try and set the mood for it. Like have a nice meal or watch a movie at home etc
Same here.... I'm like tired all the time after having kids, esp now with no.2. My husband stopped asking now...😔