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What To Give
What do u give to your grandparents during cny, other than ang bao?
Staycation or air tickets
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Only Angbao and we visit them on first day.
Do u let your lo drink milk 1st then go bathe or the other way?
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1h to 2h after milk...
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Drink milk n give some time before bath .. as for science we can’t hv bath aftr immediate meal .. as for kids feeding milk also a meal right
Drink milk then bathe
my baby is drink milk 1st then aftr that rest for an hr ,then check diaper got poo anot if have poo clean 1st then bathe
For mine is milk first then rest for 30min to 1h before bath. Otherwise, she will get cranky and will keep crying plus pooping while bathing. Just need to trial and error and see which one suit your
Reward Never Received
Anyone redeemed the frozen blanket from the rewards here? Have you received the item? Cause it has been 2 weeks and still not received. Emailed them but never reply.
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I got my reward. You can call them at 63442865
Try emailing them again. Could be busy.
Me too! I claim the rewards last Dec, but still haven't receive. I email they also never reply.
Give them sometime. Shall be able to get soon 😊
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Not Kids Related
Any mummies using air fryer? Is it more of good to have or a must have? Thinking whether to get one.
Its really convenient. Healthier too!
Good investment - it is cleaner and easier to wash. Healthier food also.
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One of the best investment for my kitchen needs. No oil needed thus is more healthy and cleaning is easier than using conventional way to Deep fry food.
It’s good to have, but not a must.
It’s good to have
Need To Stop Bad Habit
My 2yo like to put his hand into the mouth and play his tongue, then end up saliva all over. Any way to stop him from doing?
Repetively pull his hand away whenever he try to put his hand into the mouth. After a few days, he might forget about the habit
Women Clinic
Anyone knows if there is any women clinic in Sengkang area?
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Healthline Womens Clinic at Rivervale Plaza
Anyone here go for branded lingerie like triumph or pierre cardin or just buy from neighbourhood shops 3 for $10 kind?
I'll purchase from dept stores always. Whichever is cheaper
Pierre cardin don't last for me 😂
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I buy cheap n best .. bt branded last long
I go to whichever is more convenient
Im using uniqlo
Anyone Wants?
Anyone wants the 4R prints TAP reward promo code? Giving it away as i already print the photos at the photo shop.
You redeem two?
Safe To Swallow Toothpaste
Any toothpaste to recommend for those that can be swallowed? My lo now 2yo still cannot spit out.
Birthday Cake
For birthday celebration in childcare, how big would u buy a cake? For around 15 kids and few teachers.
1.5kg ~ 2kg, if there are leftovers can distribute to the aunties, other teachers and principle.
About a couple kg
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Super Mum
About 2 kg cake would suffice..some bakery will advise you based on the pax anyway