My colleagues and boss is not giving me support

Currently in my 3rd trimester and feeling very very tired, had my vaccination for whooping cough and got a fever , took unpaid leave , but boss and colleague is not happy about it , I’m very stressful at my work place , hv to see ppl face to take leave / MC / HL whenever I’m not well , I really just counting down for my maternity and I just want to get out of my workplace fast. It’s making me stressful and unhappy for the whole of my pregnancy.

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Just ignore them and do ur work as normal. Most important is not to get overstressed and affected by others. Not good for pregnancy. Just look forward to ur coming maternity leave and arrival of bundle of joy. :) U can then take ur time to think through if u should stay on after ur leave is over or look for a new job.

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If you bother to explain and will need this colleagues relationship to be amicable, you can buy cakes and drinks to “thank” them for their understanding during this difficult period. Otherwise, ignore them! Take care! Be happy, baby is all that we should care about :)

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Just focus on your baby, enjoy your pregnancy and ignore those people who upset you. Now my biggest happiness is feeling my little one's movement and do online shopping for my little one! Counting down each day to LO arrival :)

hey hang on there. I'm going thru the same thing as well. I'm supposed to be on Light duty but my boss say there's nothing that can be done. I even feel like I'm being bullied at work. Everyday I come back from work crying.

Me too! Can't wait for my ML then I can have a breath from my work. Thanks God I have family to support me & always tell me to heck care. Now I take thing slowly & prioritized my baby & own health first. Hugz!

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Don’t worry about the bosses/colleagues. Take MC/VL/HL whenever you feel like you need to rest. Being pregnant is hardwork! You’re contributing to SG’s fertility rate ◡̈

Same here in my 3rd trimester and i am dreading to go to work. Dont be affected by them. Should always prioritise your health and well being. Take care!

Learn to ignore such ppl!! Not good for your own wellbeing . Too much stress can cause issues in your pregnancy . Learn to forget and forgo

We're in the same boat. I even got bullied by an elder colleagues. 😭Guess just dont care abt them.. just care for yourself. Be happy.

My dear just hang in there is already the final lap of pregnancy.. do take care of urself u need to be strong..All the best dear