I not sure should I divorce with my husband a not. He do nth. But only everyweek give me $150 for buy food n cook. He always hear what his mum say. Dun even bother how I feel at all. When his mum wan see my baby girl. He just say ok to his mum. N NVR even tell me he wan bring over. Last min den say I bring baby girl back. I was like wth. Y NVR even tell me at all. He always discuss with his mum everything he plan. Never even tell me at all. Till I find out. I ask him. He reply me like not happy. After quarrel say tell me no use. I can't even do anything. But I'm his wife. I should know. Even I can't help right? Haix

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U just have to see open & accept it. Marriage is all about toleration, give & take and compromise. Sometimes I rather dunno Coz is always better than know! None of my biz I know for what? Although we r Husband n Wife, we have our own space one. Dun have to everything under the sun also tell the Wife, vice versa. But! If involves my kids & my Husband plan without telling me, that one cannot! U have to explain to him that anything involve u & lo have to out of courtesy inform u.

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If you think he listens too much to his mum is because he arrange the meet up without informing you, it might be a small mattet too, unless if there are other underlying issues that he listens to MIL so much that he totally have little regards to your opinion. If this uninformed meet up bothers you, do tell him at least informed you because you don't like last minute arrangement and you need to have mental preparation.

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Dear, i hear your frustrations. No one wants to walk the journey of divorce. Its not pleasant and im sure it must have made you out of your wits to even feel this way. Please seek help and try all means before taking that path. Marriage counseling, writting to him, having a heart felt talk with him. If all else fails, then not too bad. You dont want to walk down the path of regret. Just my 2 cents

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Your hubby at least EVERY WEEK gives $150 for u to buy food. My hubby only gave me $500 every month once for me to pay own insurance, credit bills, take mrt, buy food daily for his breakfast & mine, my own lunch and dinner for him, baby & mine. U think got enough?? I have to use own $$ money saved from my previous jobs to pay for all the rest expenses myself & for him somemore.

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2y ago

I think the person is just trying to comfort the lady by making her feel better and not trying to compare with her.

I understand ur. My wife n myself also going through this.now she's deciding.our marriage didn't work out coz she's never happy with whatever I propose. Even if I shut up n give in.she also had to comment.i tried n I'm tired explaining. She only listen to her mum yet her mum is not giving constructive advise.

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Before deciding on divorce, sit down and talk things out with him nicely. Tell hum how you feel and both of you decide what the next course of actions should be. Is he aware that you are unhappy that he doesn't discuss things with you? Have you ask him the reason/s of him not discussing with you?

Its a very critical situation you are facing. You can live separately from your husband by making legal separation from the court. for legal separation consult with a good lawyer. You may online consult with a family lawyer. Visit this link https://tanleeandchoo.com.sg/family-law/

Try to seek help from a counselor. It may be difficult to go through this process. But divorce is not something that is to be taken lightly of. There are consequences which may not come to you now and may have great impact.

Just let him bring your girl back. If u ask him, n he last min say he's bringing her back, just shrug it off n say ok loh. Then go shopping or hi tea. After awhile they get tired, they will reduce the frequency.

Cool down. If it is just abt arranging to meet ur pil without informing u in advance , I would think it is too small a matter to reach the stage of divorce ... majority of Asian men do nothing at home though