I need to rant... my Husband always priorities his Sister and his friends first instead of me and my Son, we have quarrel over this issue a lot of times , I think his Sister is interrupting our life's , etc went I am having my confinement my Husband went back to Malaysia then his Sister bring him to club and he Lie to me and went I find out he say I'm angry over small things and this year valentine days his Sister came over to Singapore and he didn't even told me back it that his going to fetch his Sister he only told me that went I ask him if we r going to celebrate valentine days and he make me wait for him the whole day then he comes back home ..im so pissed off everything we quarrel it's because of his Sister ..what should I do?!

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Hi dear, personally i would say it should not be the sister's fault but should be your husband's. Why? Because he should know better, regardless of whoever invited him or went alone! He is a man, a husband and he has a family to take care of yet he chose to go with his sister to a club?! He is absolutely aware of it too. Talk to him, educate him. He is a functioning adult and you are not going to take care of a big baby. If problem persists, go to couple's councelling. His priority should be on his family. Your priority should be on yourself and child. Family health is very important for the child's wellbeing. Stay strong, best of luck and take care.

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3y ago

Being sweet and patient has its limit, otherwise you would be a rug for him and his family to wipe their feet on. If keep quarreling, please be strong for yourself and do the right thing. Dont let him beat you, EVER.

It not worth to spolit the relationship between you & your hubby because of his sister. Next time sweet talk your hubby to let u tag along, let his sister know and see how lovingly both of u are. Both importantly, try not to badmouth or quarrel because of his sister as that might bring them closer.Tried to find out is there any things he don't like about his sister or why are they so close before u decided how to deal with his sister antics......

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5y ago

Then u really got to improve/strengthen the relationship between u and your hubby. Talk to him, make him love u more...... let him know that he can talk to u on everything..... u will definitely support him than anyone else....

Not worth it to be quarrelling over his sister. Have you tried talking to him or maybe the sister? What about your Mil or fil?

5y ago

I try talking to him many times but always ended up quarrelling and he will say I'm in the wrong and I'm always angry about small things ..

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Sounds like you have a sister in law from hell. Talk to your hubby that you hate her. See how he reacts.