Mum vs Privacy

I love my mum. From the very 1st time she learnt about my positive test, she has been excited. Today she told me that she want to be there for my 1st scan. I really don't want to disappoint her but I really want to keep this special "1st meet" between my husband and I. How do I tell my mum?

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Maybe tell her nicely that only your husband can go in with you for the scan...?

3y ago

I considered but my sisters have children and she knows that the room can accommodate more than 2 😅

Just tell her directly. I'm sure she will understand 😊

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just tell her nicely and explain to her

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Just tell her, gynae will want to discuss with you n hubby personally. 🤭 They will need to do a blood test from your hubby. (Ok I can’t rem which exactly month should be first trim) 😂 And hubby has some personal questions for gynae also. 🤭🤭🤭 You can show her the scan photo once your are back home. 😅

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3y ago

I think I will do as u say! Sounds nice :) thanks!