I really feel very annoyed went my mum always tell my Son to don't go near my Husband and always tell me that she doesn't allow me to have 2nd child with my Husband just because she don't like him..

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There must be a reason and must be a good reason that your mum dislike your husband as you are a mother yourself, I believe you would wants and do anything that is good for your own child, same goes to your mum.since is your mum , why not just find out the reason, I believe she would be more than glad to share with u why.

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She is not the wife of your husband, and she have no right over your decision whether you and your husband want a second child or not. I think you should tell your mum that some things are not to be said to a child who is so innocent.

It is your marriage and your husband. I would let it slide. Also I would tell her to stop saying such things to my son. That is not showing a good example. I'm sorry to hear that this is happening for you.

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As much as your mother do not like your husband. She have to respect him as a human being. Her actions are showing the ugly side of humans to young kids who don't know a single thing

Not sure whats the reason your mum dislikes your husband, but still its not right to ask an innocent kid to avoid his dad and she has no right to do that.

She shouldn't be controlling your life. U should remind ur mum that Ur Husband actually has the right to deny her from seeing ur Son