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Hi. I am looking for recommendation of the kind of baby cot I should get. Will you recommend the wooden kind or playpen kind? Thanks in advance.

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I got mine from Hatchery. The convertible cot. I prefer cot to playpen as it’s more worthy and convertible to kids bed and enable myself to save money in the long run. Playpen wise, we didn’t opt for that as hygiene is our top concern. There will be a stage the baby will bite the corner of the playpen and I don’t think so we will have the time to keep washing it 2-3 times a week. And besides, the material is cloth. So, it’ll wear off over time as compared to cot.

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Depends on the space you have and if you need to move the bed around during the day. Wooden cot can be used longer, especially if you get those that “grows” with your child. There is a 7-in-1 cot on promo this week, only $168. Quite a good deal. Can be used from newborn till toddler. You might want to go to bove and take a look ◡̈

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I got the travel cot that can be converted into playpen as I find it’s very flexible in terms of usage. Also foldable and smaller so quite space-saving. Can transport so may be useful to bring to travel or in-laws house for weekend visit.

We got the wooden kind! Seems more sturdy, plus allows us to adjust the height of the mattress. Also (and this is a secondary point of course, but still important) cos it’s pine wood, it matches well with the rest of our home decor.

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I wanna get the wooden type could not get a proper 1 so bought the playpen n luckey AS MY BABY IS THE SLEEPING WIF MUMMY"S TOUCH 24HRS phewww so playpen already need to give away soon already...

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Depends on what you need. I bought playpen kind. Dun have to worry about my bb’s head/limbs getting stuck in between the wooden ones. Less things in the cot is good for them :)

Wooden cot seems more durable and you can adjust the height of it so that you don’t need to bend so low to place your baby back to sleep in it.

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i wish i have taken the wooden kind cause noa im using playpen and cant rlly adjust the height and my baby is growing taller. :(((

Wooden, more lasting and sturdy. The playpen type I only got for my in laws place so she can have her naps when we go over.

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I'm using the playpen kind and I used the bottom part as storage for diapers for the time being :)

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