Playpen Or Cot

Hi all, thought I'd get advice from mummies on which is better. I know the general pros and cons. What's your experience been? Have you had switch from one to the other? Thanks! I don't plan to co-sleep although the Playpen or cot will be in the same room as me. Thanks!!

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Super Mum

Each of my kids has a cot. I didn’t plan to move their bed around so I wanted something that was homey and had a sense of permanence (at least for a couple of years). Kid #1 has a larger convertible bed (130cm x 70cm), and has used the cot for 4 years so far. Loves it, and has slept in her own cot and room since birth. Kid #2 has the standard sized cot (120cm x 60cm) and has used it for 8 months so far. She also sleeps on her own. Eventually when they’re big enough, I’m planning to get them a bunk bed. Heh. But for now, I love the cots, and the kids do too:) They don’t climb out, and they like playing, even reading (for the older one), and of course sleeping in their cots.

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Thanks! I got the happy wonder 5 in 1!



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