Which cot to buy?

Hi everyone, I realised that there are different types of baby cot available. Would like to find out what kind of cot did all of you buy for your child and what brand is it? Thank you.

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Pack n Play playpen work for us. We got additional mattress for more comfort. It’s portable enough to bring for travel/staycation. Usable as both bed and playpen when baby’s older. Low maintenance, easy wash/wipe/assembly and not costly. The downside is that it will not be extendable as a toddler bed and not as sturdy.

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3y ago

1.5yo when they start ‘escaping’. Currently my toddler sleeps on the thick Parklon mat temporarily 😅

Baby love from kiddy palace.. dont buy expensive one unless u r not co sleeping.. thou i have stopped bf baby, i co sleep with him for bonding purposes n use the cot only to keep him / let him sleep in it when attending household chores etc.. especially daytime..

I would say, dont need to buy those expensive one.. as later u might want to co sleep with ur LO.. cos I'm now co sleep with my LO then his cot is just to place his toy and thing.. haha I brought happy cot @ $99

3y ago

Thank you for the tip. :)

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Bought the wooden cot which can transform to toddler bed. No regrets cos my LO refused to sleep in cot. At least i know she can still use in future. 😂


I bought joie play pen instead of cot. Play pem is safer in long term run when they start climing up even if hit also wont be so painful.

Simple one will do. We're using happycot, which in the last baby fair thebpromotion was $99. It's still functioning well

3y ago

Sorry for the late reply. The max weight is 30kg

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I'm using the travel cot from graco, pack n' play. It's a dual purpose play pen cum cot

I bought a brand called Lolly 3-in-1 convertible crib from hatchery cribs😊

bought a playpen type crib with dropside & placed it beside my bed :)

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I bought a cot that is able to convert to toddler's bed.