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What type of cot is good? Those wooden cribs kind or mesh?

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I am all for playpens (mesh)!! 1. Safer imo. Wooden crib has hard structure so babies can climb out easier as there are support, but playpen with soft surface will not provide such pillars to babies. 2. Light and portable. Able to move the playpen to living room and leave LO inside if I had to get something done at that area. 3. Able to bring it out for a hotel staycation 4. Easier storage 5. Someone mention the bed of playpen swing easily. It does and it actually put my LO back to sleep with the rocking motion

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I read that wooden cot can be harmful depending on technic used for manufacture of the wood by unknown brands. I bought a foldable travel cot as it’s cheaper and baby outgrows fast. Also smaller, foldable and transportable. Can also adjust mattress height to use as playpen later.

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Wood better. Mesh ones sometimes will rock when baby moves then will wake baby up from sleep.

Wooden is better! Just baby bumper and lots of cute pillows

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Wood kind is better unless u prefer it to be portable

We brought the wood kind, as it easier to clean .

Any Whichever u find most comfortable for ur lo

Personally prefer the wooden kinds :)

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We bought the wooden crib from IKEA