Can I let my baby to sleep in playpen at night instead of in baby cot? Which brand of baby playpen to recommend?

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Why not? I bought a cot but rarely use it and bought a playpen for her to sleep in when she is older. Most playpens also come with changing tables and diaper organisers which are very handy and useful. They also have wheels so you can move them around the house easily. Graco is a very popular brand and the pack n play model comes with a bassinet and mobile. Actually, most playpens function similarly. Other brands include Lucky Baby, BabyOne and BabyTrend, among others. Get one which is easy to open and close. A very pretty but tiny playpen is the nuna sena.

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Yes. You can for infants. As for brand wise really depends on what you like. I. Personally like Graco and chicco. Their stuff are relatively good and value for money. They have a large variety as well. You can see if you want something with a changing area, night lamp or even toys. And select from there.

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I use Nuna Sena travel cot also like a playpen for my baby at my mum's place. It's super easy to transport. Now that she's 6 months old she's still sleeping in that but she's almost as big as the cot already. Probably time for a new alternative.

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better to sleep in a playpen at night

depends how many months your baby is

Better to sleep in playpen at night


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