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Baby Fair 2019
Hello, Anyone have any idea if there’s anymore baby fair besides the upcoming on in October ?
Babyland has one in Nov
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I think there will be another one after mid November. Probably in early/mid December
Hi Mummies, it is normal to feel cramps either on left side, right side or your diaphragm area like once a week or two during 2nd Trimester ? Any remedy to it ?
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Is it stitches? I’m in my second tri too and i asked the doctor if having stitches on the left side is normal and she said yes. Not sure if you’re experiencing the same thing - it’s the kind of sharp
If is sharp pain pls consult gynae
Fresh Sushi Sashimi
Hi, is it alright to consume freshly cut sashimi when you just entered 2nd Trimester ? Just a bit.
I wouldn't risk it. Hang in there! You can have it after birth 😊
Really, it's best to avoid this. And just imagine how great it will taste later when you finally get to eat it! 😁
Not worth the risk. I would skip it.
Try to avoid raw food
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I had raw salmon sashimi a few times .. personally i think it's ok but only occasionally.. i really cut my intake by a lot.