i know its too early for me but any tips on how to prevent tearing of the vagina during child birth.i read perineal massage would help.anyone had tried that before? does it really works? and how to do that with a big belly in the way??

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Yes it effective! My first baby delivery (3.3kg) was smooth, no tear at all. The nurse even asked me what is my routine bcs normally first time mom they surely get tear. She said perineal massage is very good but not many moms knew about it. I start to do perineal massage on 3rd trimester, squat during shower and always walking everyday due to my workplace far from company gate ๐Ÿ˜

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Hi,yes perineal massage helps but most importantly watch ur diet, avoid junk foods, do green juicing, coconut oil, do some squats and walk a lot in the house(since mco, we canโ€™t do much outdoor activities)join gentle birth class like hypnobirthing mongan method or Amani birth. Good luck dear

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yes i did the perineal massage with virgin coconut oil for my second born, and i do squat too. but since my skin is very fragile so it still tear but much more better from the first one(only 5 stitches)

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You can start consume 2-4 spoon of virgin coconut oil everyday. I've read about it, but never try it.

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Anish, so have u try the perineal massage before delivery? Is it effective to prevent vaginal tearing?

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My friend did that and she said it does help. I tried it but if felt weird and I didn't do it for 2nd pregnancy. ๐Ÿ˜…

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hahaha! thanks๐Ÿ˜Š

Helo, boleh saya tanya sekarang kandungan saya 25 minggu saya makan airkrim durian musang king tu, adakah memberi kesan buruk kepada kandungan?

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tidak, eskrem tu perisa je

Maybe u can start taking coconut oil.

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