Sexless marriage

I am in sexless marriage. My husband saw my entire process of giving birth and never want to have sex with me in 5 months. Finally did it and now he refused again. His excuse is TIRED. I dont know but I thought guy supposed to have this needs. But he doesnt. I am so much in pain, having this marriage without more interaction other than a kiss. Talked to him what I felt and he doesnt really care. ?

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I'd say that your husband probably has the trauma of watching you give birth, and that's not something easy to get by - there are husbands/boyfriends who faint or vomit while their partner gave birth so ... give him some time :) It could also be that he doesn't want you to go through the same thing again (at least, anytime soon) so he doesn't want to take the chance - you could think of it as him being considerate too! If he says he's tired, don't get upset or turn away - just snuggle together with him and things will happen if they're meant to ;)

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I didn't know it will affect them so much. Maybe you can ask your husband whether it is because of the delivery which scares him now? If it is really the case at least you know the reason and can give him some time. Otherwise you will end up feeling depressed and suspicious and ultimately unhappy in the marriage. Is he also stressed at work? Perhaps you can arrange a staycation or short trip without the baby. He should be relaxed and not tired?

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First, I must applaud your hubs for watching u give birth. Mine did not as he has blood phobia. But he managed to cut the cord for #2. ( Dr was good salesman, managed to persuade him 😆 ) Maybe he feels u need time to rest etc and don't want to disturb you. You can always try other things that excite him.

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Wah... I really cant imagine how traumatic it must have been for him. I would really give him some time. Continue being patient and understanding. Try to provide him as much support as he needs and allow. Him the space. If possible to have a talk with him, to find out how he feels.

Have you voiced to him your concern? To try to find out the reason. Maybe you can also spice things up by giving him hints. Dress up in a sexy lingerie. Put some candles on and romantic music. Try to be adventurous. Maybe this is what he needs to get back his drive :-)

Give Him time. Watching a child being born can be a pretty traumatic experience for some men. I have many male friends who needed therapy to overcome it as they were so shocked by the whole thing - they felt it looked like an alien climbing out of their wives Hoo haa.

guess what? my husband gives the same reason. He sleeps easily and like a pig! i had the same thots too. thought men are always hungry fr sex. when we wanna do it often, gave such a cold response. a-holes

i have been trying to voice out, but he is still refusing. I dont know what to do anymore. Trying to be slutty ans he pushed me to sleep .


give him more time my friend took 10 months before he's willing to have sex with his wife again.

Im the opposite! Hubby has needs but I dont wish to, ever since i gave birth 9months ago..