Low lying placenta

Hi ladies. im 26 weeks and having low lying placenta and my husband refused to have sex with me until i give birth cos he don't want to complicate things further. im pretty stressed up cos somehow i got my needs too. somehow i feel he doesnt want to have sex with me anymore.. told him how do u control it since his a guy but he say im not that desperate to have it. but guys will be guys we wont know what happen behind us. ?

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You’re going through a difficult time and you’re just hoping for some love from your husband, which is totally understandable and natural. Now you’re seeing him as a man and as your husband, maybe try seeing him as a father as well. He’s also making decisions to protect both of you as mother and father, which also actually protects you as husband and wife. ❤️ It’s definitely not easy, but you got this! Maybe can explore some self-pleasure toys that don’t use penetration?

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Hi. Low lying placenta might mean you have to abstain from sex. It is for your safety unless your gynae said its fine. As for your husband, i think many husbands stay away from sex not because they lose interest, but they are worry for their new born. Do not be despair. Trust and communication is the key.

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3y ago

Cuddling and being intimate without penetration is fine too.

Hi mommy, I’m also 26 wks and my husband has stopped sleeping with me since I’m 10wks. I was upset initially but now I’m used to it. As I’m planning for C-section I think it’s a good training for him too. Don’t worry too much, think positive esp if there is no solid evidence tt he is cheating on u. Furthermore it would be safer for u to not have sex since ur placenta is Low. 😉

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Hi! Same thing here with me and I spoke to my husband about it and told him we could still be intimate in other ways without penetration and I think communicating to him clearly helps! But before that, we didn’t really have sex much too and when I asked him why, I think he’s scared of hurting the baby 😂 so ya our husbands are worried too

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I have Low lying placenta as well. And doctor advice not to have sex. He is protecting you and baby. Protecting your unborn child is more important than your needs in having sex.

it is human nature to have needs but now we have a new life inside, maybe just bear w it for few more mths. I have low lying placenta too and my hub was more cautious than I am. He is trying his best to do his job as a dad, so just trust him and love him, it will do good for both u and bb too :)

Have trust in your hubby. We didnt have sex way before i even confirmed my pregnancy. He wants to make sure he doesnt harm the baby as well given that is our first kid. I always believe that a guy wants to go and have fun outside and i c it, i will just tell him dont waste my time.

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me i should say the opposite😅my husband needs for sex increases while i dnt feel like i even want sex coz im afraid anything could happen to our first baby even though my gynae never mention anything about not to have sex.

when the doctor told us that I have partial placenta previa. My husband tahan the thing. Even tho I tease him he still tahan. Some more he said its for the baby

my husband is not having sex with since the day we knew that I am pregnant. dont worry, he's just protecting you and your baby.